Epiphany Intelligence Platform

Understand all the risks inside your enterprise, not just the vulnerabilities.

Using the next generation capabilities of big data analysis and correlation EIP can find risks before the attacker finds them.

EIP’s agentless risk hunting capabilities operate as an overlay to existing security and network management tools allowing for rapid integration within the existing security enterprise.

Fatigued by scanners and consultants?

Awareness Powers Protection

The only Intelligence Platform on the market that combines the attack mentality of the adversary with that of the current state of every communicating asset in the enterprise in an agentless design.

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From today's threat landscape.

By understanding the current state of the enterprise, future impacts are avoidable.

Threat Analysis

Integrated Risk and Threat Intelligence from public and private services allows for real-time knowledge and awareness of potential impacts.

Threat Prevention

Understand the consequences of a potential change to the network or mitigation controls through limitless outcome analysis.

Risk Analysis

Unmatched ability to see, understand, evaluate, categorize, and prioritize actual risk conditions inside the environment from any communicating nodes (desktop, server, laptop, mobile, ICS, and IoT).

Risk Prevention

Continuous evaluation of every potential attack-path within an environment highlighting which actions can be taken to mitigate the most risk.


Don't limit yourself with under-utilized tools.

EIP can ingest almost any type of data and make it meaningful in protecting your environment from compromise.

Network Risk

Display the attack chains that exist between isolated networks via domain relationships and exposed services.

Secure Integration

Collecting and correlating data from sources that cross operational boundaries without affecting the security state of the networks.

Threat Detection

Find risks that are hidden across your network and not detected by normal scan tools.

IoT Risk

Highlighting mobile assets interacting with the enterprise that may cause risks or impacts.

50 M+

Scales to 50M+ data points without the need for increased local infrastructure.

95 %

Reduction in the time to risk identification.

30 +

Different data sources consumable.

10 +

Different industry specific risk profiles.


Infinite ability to scale.

Not limited by asset operating systems, locations or the size of the enterprise.

Artifical Intelligence

Machine Learning allows for the detection of non-obvious conditions within the data sets that a human analyst may never find.

On Watch

Automated awareness allows new threat intelligence events to quickly be analyzed across the environment for impact without the need of customer intervention.

Expert Support

Digitalware’s team of offensive security experts can quickly write custom risk and attack conditions that are available to all customers instantaneously.


AI-powered risk hunting.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning give organizations unparalleled control of their risk.

Risk Conditions

Find known and unknown risk conditions throughout the environment including attack paths, exposed data, misconfigurations, and malware.

Threat Intelligence

Combines the latest in Threat Intelligence and Risk Intelligence to strengthen an organizations ability to prevent impacts.


Eliminates wasted Analyst effort on correlating tremendous amounts of data.


Works without ever impacting the operational network or endpoints.


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